PostgreSQL databases

Need help connecting a PostgreSQL database to Power BI or other BI tools, for expanded analysis and reporting capabilities?


About Cleversight and PostgreSQL

Cleversight helps make your PostgreSQL database available

Cleversight specializes in providing custom support to organizations for integrating PostgreSQL databases with leading analytics tools. Our expertise includes expertly merging diverse data sources, including on-premise and cloud databases, with leading analytics platforms such as PowerBI, Looker, Tableau, and Qlik.

Our service enables your organization to effectively process and thoroughly analyze data. This gives your team access to advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. With Cleversight as your partner, you can strengthen your data ecosystem and get ready for a future of data-driven decision-making.

Dashboards and Reports

Expertise in Power BI

Cleversight has extensive knowledge and skills in Power BI, but our expertise extends to other prominent BI tools as well.
For example, we support:

  • Qlik: This platform is distinguished by its advanced associative analytics engine and easy-to-use dashboards, which provide in-depth insights and a seamless user experience.

  • Looker: This data platform is focused on creating dynamic data experiences, taking an integrated approach to data analysis to make complex data understandable and accessible.

  • Tableau: Known for its exceptional capabilities in data visualization, Tableau offers interactive and visually appealing dashboards, making it a favorite choice for organizations striving for powerful and insightful data analysis.

Available Data functionalities with PostgreSQL

Customer benefits

Benefits for you as a customer

Fast and Efficient Integration

Easy integration of PostgreSQL databases into Power BI, enabling access to live data within minutes.

Flexible Compatibility

PostgreSQL databases offer seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of BI tools, resulting in minimal constraints and maximum flexibility.

Suitable for All Organization Types

Whether small businesses or large enterprises, PostgreSQL database linking is a valuable addition for any business.

Expert Support

Access to Cleversight’s professional support team for help and advice.

PostgreSQL integration

The PostgreSQL integration process.

PostgreSQL Guided Integration

Our Building Blocks

Power BI Dashboard Building Blocks

Get a quick start, save on development costs and create your own reports and dashboards based on our templates. Or engage one of our experts for a custom plan.

Template by industry


  • Billable hours analysis
  • Client payments and collection management
  • Understanding operational efficiency
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Template per business unit


  • Full insight into employee data
  • Turnover Rates
  • Personnel costs
  • Employee satisfaction reporting
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  • Automated financial consolidation and elimination
  • Comprehensive profit and loss & balance sheet data
  • Improved accounts receivable and accounts payable management
  • By consolidation group, administration or financial period
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  • Advanced sales forecasting and trend analysis
  • Product and category analysis
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Team performance measurement
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Maximize your performance

Demo Dashboard

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