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More than regular outsourcing

Customers often live with a large number of SaaS applications. Even with a well-implemented ERP there are often (industry) specific processes that require sector specific software. Data analyses are therefore difficult and sometimes even impossible. Given the increase in data usage customers are more often opting for a software system with good data analysis options available.

Cleversight helps you realize the right data solution without losing focus on the core product

In collaboration, we make the end customer data-driven. No significant investments are required, neither for you nor for the buyer. We create a template that serves as a foundation for all your clients. Thanks to this standardized approach, costs remain low, and the end customer sees a swift return on their investment.

With this partnership, you can offer your clients a professional data solution.

Affiliate advantages

Affiliate advantages for you

Competitive Advantage

Give your application this extra unique buying reason. Don’t miss the mark and make sure you have a good data solution to make the data from your application easily available.

Extra Revenue

Generate an additional revenue stream from a data solution for your application.

Rely on Expertise

Experienced data analysts and BI experts are available to create the best reports and dashboards, without having to invest time and resources internally.

Improved Focus

While we tackle the complexity of BI and data analysis, you can focus on creating high-quality software.

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