Cleversight stands for clear insights for clever business decisions

We are the BI Powerhouse, everything to make your business data-driven. Find out how you can prosper with Cleversight.

Get clear insights

We provide clear insights in easy-to-understand reports and dashboards, so you can use this to make clever business decisions.

Skilled and driven people

We are a team of people who love to learn and are passionate about BI.

Make better decisions

We provide more than just clear insights, we provide improvement for your business model and set you up for success.

What makes Cleversight stand out

We take your business to
the next level

We offer strategic planning and reporting, data warehousing, and insight visualization. Our team can help you develop a data-driven business strategy and select the KPIs and KSFs that matter most to your organization.

Our insights can help you to make better business decisions. Plus, our all-in-one service for data storage and reporting makes it easy to get the insights that matter. And with our BI connectors, you can easily integrate or combine Cleversight in your business.

Our customers

Our people

We are a team of people who love to learn, and are passionate about BI. We help our clients to build a data-driven culture by providing them with best practice frameworks, strategies, methodologies, solutions and training in order to make the most out of their enterprise data assets.

Chris Kuiper

JavaScript Developer

Lars van Laarhoven

BI Consultant

Gerard den Teuling

Group CFO

Simone de Hond

BI Consultant

John Schrijvers

Group CEO

Steef Janssen

Manager BI

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