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Your bridge to smart HR insights: Experience seamless integration with Power BI and other BI Tools for comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities.

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About Cleversight and Loket

Cleversight helps make your payroll data available

Cleversight, an official partner of Loket and an expert in data management and analytics, has partnered with Loket to develop the Cleversight Loket Connector. This application links Loket's comprehensive payroll system to analytics platforms such as Power BI, giving accountants and hrm staff access to advanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

Choose the Loket Connector today and see how Cleversight gives you the oversight you deserve.

Dashboards and Reports

Expertise in Power BI

The Counter Connector is specifically designed for smooth integration with Power BI, but also supports other BI tools thanks to the universal OData or SQL protocol. Some of these BI tools are:

  • Qlik: Known for its associative analysis engine and intuitive dashboards.
  • Looker: A data platform that provides data experiences and an integrated approach to data analytics.
  • Tableau: Popular for its powerful data visualization and interactive dashboards.

This versatility gives users the flexibility to customize the connector to their specific needs.

Available Data functionalities with the Loket Connector

Customer benefits

Benefits for you as a customer

Fast and Efficient Integration

Easy integration of Loket data into Power BI, allowing access to live data within minutes.

Flexible Compatibility

Suitable for integration with various BI tools, making the Loket Connector a versatile solution for various user groups.

Suitable for All Organization Types

Whether small businesses or large enterprises, the Loket Connector is a valuable addition to any finance team.

Expert Support

Access to Cleversight’s professional support team for help and advice.

Loket Integration

The Loket integration process

Loket Guided Integration

Loket Self-Service Integration

Our Building Blocks

Power BI Dashboard Building Blocks

Get a quick start, save on development costs and create your own reports and dashboards based on our templates. Or engage one of our experts for a custom plan.

Template by industry


  • Billable hours analysis
  • Client payments and collection management
  • Understanding operational efficiency
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Template per business unit


  • Full insight into employee data
  • Turnover Rates
  • Personnel costs
  • Employee satisfaction reporting
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  • Automated financial consolidation and elimination
  • Comprehensive profit and loss & balance sheet data
  • Improved accounts receivable and accounts payable management
  • By consolidation group, administration or financial period
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  • Advanced sales forecasting and trend analysis
  • Product and category analysis
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Team performance measurement
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Maximize your performance

Demo Financial Dashboard

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